A Platform for Community Action

Voices of Humanity is a social media platform for community action to achieve peace, justice and a world that works for all. The highest rated messages posted in each community (on topics of the participants own choosing) are taken to represent that community. The collective voices of Women, Men, Youth, Experience and Wisdom build gender and age equality into the process. Geographic focus is easily shifted from city to metro, to state, nation and Planet Earth. The global voice of women is expected to take the conversational lead. This global strength will reach down to the local level and empower women of all ages everywhere. The men will follow.

Please see A Plan to Capture the Center and Marginalize the Hardliners. By giving each nation and religion its own voice in a global conversation capped by the Voice of Humanity-as-One, Voices of Humanity enables us to both transcend and support our nations and religions within a single framework. A kindly and intelligent human unity with diversity built-in is within our reach! Your participation could make the difference.

About Make Your Gift Work Twice

Voices of Humanity is a project of Collective Communication, Inc. (CCI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in California. Gifts are tax deductible. #VoH